Happy Birthday Party Decorations Kit Rose Gold

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The Metallic Rose Gold & Pink Decorating Kit has everything you need to decorate your party in metallic rose gold, pink, and white! This set will transform your space in no time. Arrange the decorations and hang them for a decked-out baby shower, birthday, engagement party, and more!

 Paper Fan 8 Inch 2 Pcs
 Paper Fan 12 Inch 2 Pcs
 Paper Fan 16 Inch 2 Pcs
 Paper Pom Pom 8 Inch 1 Pcs
 Paper Pom Pom 10 Inch 3 Pcs
 Paper Pom Pom 12 Inch 4 Pcs
 Honeycomb Ball 8 Inch 3 Pcs
 Paper Lantern 10 Inch 1 Pc
 Paper Lantern 12 Inch 1 Pc
 Balloons 14 Pcs
 HBD Foil Balloons 13 Pcs
 Quantity: 62 Pcs

Color: Rose Gold & White