5M 410/110 Holes Balloons Chain Accessories

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Make impressive balloon chains and sculptures for your party or event with this balloon chain tape. You can use this chain tape to make balloon arches for a party,  shower, or school dances. Ideal to use for weddings, this tape will save you time and effort while building balloon arches and decorations. This balloon chain tape can help you make professional quality balloon decorations that all of your guests will love looking at. Use this tape with balloons of multiple colors and sizes for the best result. This balloon chain tape is perfect for party and event planners because it can make it easy to assemble large scale balloon structures. Make a background for the perfect photos with this balloon chain tape to make a fun photo booth for your guests. Do something a little different for your next party and use this balloon chain tape as you are decorating your home or event space.


Material: PLASTIC

Number of Pcs: 5m, 410/110 Hole