Legged Race Game

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How to play?

Every team has 4 members and each member fasten the hoop&loop around the left foot and all four members left foot are banded on one band walker. So do the right foot. Then 4 people cooperate with each other and run. Which team first arrives the finishing line wins.

The Game Purpose

Cooperative band walkers are designed to develop cooperation and balance, by requiring groups of 4 persons to communicate and work together in order to walk together. Fun for the whole family, from children to adults.

Note :
This product heat very fast, perfect for traditional carnival race and bring more fun for children and adults, please keep mind on your hands.

Material: Cloth
Warning: No
Dimensions: many
Age Range: > 3 years old
Material: Nylon
Color: yellow/red/blue/lack/gray | Color as availability
Size: 4/5/6/8/10 persons